Workshop Report

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Workshop Dates

March 26-27, 2015

Workshop Location

Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona


Dr. Supratim Deb (Alcatel Lucent), supratim.deb@alcatel-lucent.com
Prof. Eytan Modiano (MIT), modiano@mit.edu
Prof. Partha Pande (Washington State University),pande@eecs.wsu.edu

Local Arrangement

Prof. Umit Ogras (ASU), umit@asu.edu
Prof. Lei Ying (ASU), lei.ying.2@asu.edu

NSF Sponsors

NeTS and CIF

Call for Participation

The National Science Foundation will be sponsoring a workshop on the topic of ultra-low latencies in wireless networks, to be held on March 26-27 at Arizona State University, Phoenix, Arizona. The workshop's attendees will include a combination of invited participants as well as members of the community selected through this open call for participation. We anticipate approximately 50 participants from Academia, Government and Industry, representing a range of perspectives, including: wireless network control algorithms, information theory, wireless network systems, on-chip wireless network, etc.

The workshop is organized by Dr. Supratim Deb (Alcatel Lucent), Prof. Eytan Modiano (MIT), and Prof. Partha Pande (Washington State University), under the sponsorship of the National Science Foundation (NSF). The Networking Technologies and System (NeTS) and the Communication and Information Foundations (CIF) programs within NSF seek broader community input at this workshop to identify requirements and opportunities for achieving ultra-low latency wireless communications.In particular, given the huge leaps made in wireless communications over the past decade, we seek to revisit foundational principles, identify gaps in existing architecture, design and practice of wireless networking systems to enable consistent low-latency wireless networking, and make a recommendation of future research directions for low-latency wireless networking. The discussions and findings of this workshop will be submitted to NSF as inputs for future program solicitations from the NeTS and CIF programs.

You are invited to submit a 2-page position statement outline your perspective on the need for, and identify novel research opportunities to enable low-latency wireless networking. This position statement will be used to select approximately 20 participants who have unique thoughts/ideas on this topic. Moreover, participants will be selected to ensure diverse representation from the community. Position papers are due by February 15, 2015 in order to be considered for participation in the workshop. Moreover, input from the community will be welcomed at anytime before the workshop.

Please send your positions statements to one of the organizers:
Dr. Supratim Deb, supratim.deb@alcatel-lucent.com
Prof. Eytan Modiano, modiano@mit.edu
Prof. Partha Pratim Pande, pande@eecs.wsu.edu